Supplementary English Lesson

Mrs. Mabel Chau taught in Wah Yan College Hong Kong over 30 years. She was an excellent teacher of English at all levels (Form 1 -7). She came out of retirement from WYHK to teach at WYK in 2009. She held many posts of responsibility inside and outside the school. In Wan Yan College, she had been the advisor of the student newspapers “Starlet”, the Debating Society, Law Society and Reading Club. She helped to start the Form 1 English Bridging course and trained students in verse-speaking for Hong Kong Music and Speech Festival winning a number of prizes.
We planned two lessons of a pilot run English programme in June to analyze the responses of the students for necessary corrections if required. We do really appreciate Mrs. Chau coming to support us.
Mrs. Chau thinks that taking past papers as practice tests at the beginning of DSE preparation is an excellent way to gauge what the student need to work on. These practice tests enable the student to get hands-on experience with the test interface and test experience. Doing the practice tests will also help the student build the endurance necessary to take a lengthy standardized test.

DSE Paper 2 past papers is the writing practice materials and she explained the marking scheme for the writing paper consists of three parts – content, language and organization. The skill of tackling the questions is the important part of the lesson and make sure students’ ideas answer what the question is asking. She also reminded students to manage their time well. Simple sentences without grammatically mistakes are the best writing pieces.

Mrs. Chau used a whole lesson to explain the requirements of the examiners and helped students practicing DSE Paper 4 past paper. “It’s a speaking test. Speak up! All the students engage in give and take. As well as stating their own ideas, they should also respond to others. This shows you’re confident about what you are saying.” “Body language is a matter.” She reminded students maintain eye contact with the assessor and other candidates. “It may show you are intimidated or uninterested if you don’t look at others. Good posture will also give examiners a better impression of you.”
Mrs. Chau patience is second to none and cares about all students. Her class is an environment where students are eager to express themselves. She has faith in all students and hope they have more positive attitudes toward learning English.